Cookies are a text document that contain bits of information that are sent to your operator which are saved by your computer, mobile phone or any other device, when you visit a site. This cookie document sends data back to sites whenever you revisit it.

Cookies can be parmenent (known as persistent cookies), that remain embodied in your computer until you delete them.
They can also be temporary (known as tab cookies) that are available as long as you keep a tab opened.

How EURO DEZMEMBRARI uses cookies?

We use cookies to enhance the use of our websites, to help you navigate from page to page easier, to save your preferences and, in general, to improve the customer experience on our website.

The cookies that we use on our websites can be included in the next categories:

1. Necessary cookies
These cookies are necessary so that you can navigate on our website and to use the needed services, such as accessing the safe zones of the site. We use this type of cookies to conduct the registration and the connection of the user. Without these cookies, the services that you need can not be provided. These cookies are first-party host and can be either permanent either temporary. To conclude, our website will not function properly without these cookies.

2. Performance cookies
These cookies colect data on how the customers use a site, for example, which are the pages that they visit the most. These cookies do not colect data that identify certain users. All the data colected by the cookies are summed up and they are also anonimous. We use these cookies to make statistics on the way that our websites are used and on the impact that our publicity campaines have. These cookies can be permanent or temporary, of the first-party host or of the second-party host. To conclude, these cookies colect anonimous data about the visited pages and viewed ads.

3. Functionality cookies
These cookies allow a website to save things chosen by you (such as username, language or country) and they offer improved option, more personal. These cookies can also be used to provide needed services, such as seeing a video or a comment on a blog. The information that is used by these cookies is made anonimous and they can not record you activity on other sites.

We use these cookies in order to:
– see if you had already availed of the use of a certain service
– to improve the use of the website generally, by saving your preferances

4. Publicity cookies
These cookies are used to limit the possible times of seeing an ad, and also to measure the impact of our campaines.
The publicity cookies are used to manage the publicity on the entire website. They are placed as second-party, such as the publicity campaines and they’re own agents, being permanent or temporary. To conclude, they are bound to the publicity services to provided to our website by third-parties.

5. Social cookies
These cookies are used on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest etc) and they allow the share of intel from to those certain platforms and so, does not control these cookies. For more information on how they work, you can visit those social media sites.

How to control & delete cookies?
If you want to enforce restraints, to block or to delete cookies, you can do it by changing the settings of your web operator. If you navigate on without denying the cookies or other similar technologies it means you agree that we process the intel.