The processing of personal data
To ensure the compliance with the users rights whilst using the website about the safety of their own personal data, we implemented specific protection measures, taking into consideration the romanian legislation and also the requests established by EU 2017/679 – valid through the entire European Union starting from May 25th 2018 (“Regulation”).

Personal data represent any type of information through which you can be identified, especially through an identification element such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or some elements about your physical looks, physiological, genetic, mental, economical, cultural or social.

Our society takes all the needed measures to ensure the protection of your personal data, the present conditions represent the notice established by de article 13 or 14 from The Regulation through which we explain why we colect your personal data, the way in which we protect these data and also which are your rights in what concerns the collection of these data.

We encourage you to read the document attentive and if needed, to ask for any extra information or clarification that you consider necessary, about the content of this brief.

General observations about your personal data
In accordance with the EU Regulation 2017/679, EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL will administrate in the safest conditions and only to the specified purposes, the personal data provided by the users.

Through terms and conditions, the users are informed that the data with personal character, that they provide, will be processed in the most optimal conditions by EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL of the services that we offer on the web, the services provided through products, through advertisment, marketing, publicity and also through statistics.

EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL makes the following processing operations: collection, registration, organizing, stocking, adaptation, modification, extraction, consultation, the use and, in some circumstances, submitting to some third-parties, a commercial contract that ensures the safety and the confidentiality of the datas while respecting the users rights, the personal data of the user, in order to administrate, maintain, improve and obtain information regarding the services that they offer and also to prevent errors and leaks of information through the personal IT network, breaches of the law and of the contractual terms.

The personal data that will be colected could be used, especially through the automatic creation of profiles (for those users that expressed their approval) and to personalize as much as possible the services offered to the users through our website and also for marketing purposes. The automatic creations of profiles will not be pointed to minors, these personal data will not be processed for this purpose.

The personal data will pe provided by the users, at their own option, at the moment they creat a valid account on the website. For the confirmation of the data and of the account, the user will be announced at the e-mail provided by him and the creation of the account. This e-mail has the purpose of stopping the fraudulent actions of other users that use the e-mail of others in order to create fake accounts. If you receive similar messages and you did not register personally on the website, we kindly ask you to send an e-mail at to delete the account in maximum 3 working days. The e-mail will contain in PDF format the up to date version of the Contract.

The users profile application contains fields that can be editted if the user wants to modify his original datas.

The user is not obliged to provide these data, being necessary only i) for the sites record of use ii) to offer in proper conditions of services through the site, for letting the users know of the advertisment campaigns, that are used for marketing and personalized publicity and for the users access to extra advantages. The users refusal to provide the needed data makes the participation to the promotional campaigns not possible, through the use of our website and it also makes impossible the use of extra services available.

The users with an available account on this website.
The user can use the website even though he decides not to provide his personal data in order to create an account, with the exceptions established in the cookies policy ( part built-in in the present contract ). According to EU Regulation 2017/670 and The Law nr.677/2001, the users have the right to access, to intervene on data, the right to not be subjected on a personal decision and the right to call upon justice. Furthermore, the users have the right to opose to the processing of their personal data and to request the erasing of data.

In order to take advantage of these rights, the users should complete a written request, that they shall send at the e-mail with the note “Request of personal data”.

The site ensures it wont send spam messages ( commercial messages for whom the users did not give his approval ) and to use all the available technical means to ensure the users safety and confidentiality.

The site reserves its right to delete, without any notice, the accounts and the access of the members that violate the Terms and Conditions, which undertake fraudulous activities, defamation or that attack the security and the confidentiality of the sites or the companies information.

What personal data we colect, the grounds and the purposes of collection
Within the online communication report prearranged between the site and the user, we colect and we process your personal data, the collection and the processing of these data being necessary in order to be able to provide promotional and informative content to the user, after the voluntary fill-in, by the user, of their personal data, within the website, by accessing on or many of
the next sections: register, update, subscribe to the newsletter, filling of online polls, filling of online forms, the obtaining of personalised information or commercial benefits, within the sites promoted campaigns.

The grounds on which we collect personal data on this website could be the following:
-the concerned person gave its approval for the processing of personal data for one or more specific purposes
-the processing is needed for the enforcement of a contract where the concerned person takes part or to make needed steps at the persons request before the completion of a contract
-the processing is needed in order to fulfill a legal obligation that comes back to the operator
-the processing is needed in order to protect the concerned persons interests or of another individual
-the processing is needed in order to fulfill a task that serves a public interest
-the processing is needed for the operators or for a third-parties legitimate interests, with the exception where it prevails the interests or the rights and the basic freedoms of the concerned person, that require the protection of personal data, especially when the concerned person is a child.

In the listed things below we present what personal data we colect, the reason we do it, the purpose and the time of collection. The disposal of the pointed datas is not compulsory in order to view the website, with the exception of those that target The Cookies.

The presented datas are necessary for us in order to be able to provide the best services to The Users that share them.

Which personal data we colect:
-name, surname, e-mail address, phone number, location, corespondence address, links from social media profiles
-cookies, time stamps (date and time of use), the navigation history on our website

The purposes of the collection of personal data:
-to provide the access to the content and to be able to answer at questions and requests sent by online users, in order to provide the best offers and benefits available
-to be able to track the sites traffic and the history of visits, in order to create a hierarchy on content and the identification of the most relevant content for each user.

The method in which we collect data and the time we keep it:
We collect them into our security data base, until the user requests their deletion or after 10 years since the users last activity on the website. After 10 years, the data will be consider electronical anonymity.

The way we storage the personal data, the location, and the time we keep it:
We will storage your personal data for a time that does not exceed the time it takes to fulfill the purposes of the data processing and if we have a legal obligation to keep the personal data a certain amount of time, it will be the one envisioned by law. Depending on the specifical situation, this time will vary, starting from 1 day up until 10 years.

For a good understanding of the way we keep it, of the location we keep it and the exact amount of time we keep it, we kindly ask you to check out the table above.

In order to guarantee the user that his personal data will be protected while it is processed, we implement, for a certain category of data with sensitive content or that have a possibility of affecting the rights in a significant way, special measures, that protect these type of personal data.

The users rights regarding their personal data and their use
In order to protect the data as best as possible the user has several rights, that we present shortly hereafter, with the request that for any extra information to not hesitate to contact the responsible with the personal data protection within our Entity, using the this e-mail:

The right of access
The user has the right to obtain access at his personal data that we process, as well as the right to obtain the copy of these. At the users request, the first copy will be offered by us freely, but the others will be charged directly to the effort made for extraction and the formatting of data needed in order to send it. The personal datas copy can be offer either in an electronic format, either physically, depending on your request and the nature of the requested data.

For the request of personal data available on the website, as well as for the request of partial deletion or the total deletion, the request is needed to be sent to the e-mail or a letter is needed to be sent by post or via courrier at the registered office of EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL.

The user has the right to obtain any type of relevant information ( such as the reason of personal data processing, the type of personal data we collect, information regarding the processing and the disclosure of these data and any other likewise information).

The right of data collection
The user has the right to delete the personal data. The law establishes some limitation regarding this right, which means it is not absolute.

The right to restrict the processing of data
The user has the right to obtain a restriction on the processing of personal data that we collect and process, especially when he contests the accuracy of the datas, if the processing of data is illegal or if the processing of data is not necessary, according to the law.

The right to contest
The user has the right to contest the processing of data, especially when the processing is not for marketing purposes or for the reasons tied to his personal situation, in which case his data needs to become anonymous in the shortest time from the complaint and the anonimity of these needs to be confirmed to the user.

The right to retract the consent
For the personal data processed on the consent, the user has the right to retract the consent at any time, as easy as he gave it initially. The retraction will not affect the processing of data that we collected before.

The right to retract the consent is not absoluet, which means that there are cases in which the data will not be deleted after the retraction of consent ( for example when the personal data collected is used to make possible the compliance with a legal obligation ).

The retraction of consent is considered done after its registration and the retraction of consent will be done in a maximum of 3 working days since its registration.

The right to submit a complaint at the relevant authority
The user has the right to submit a complaint at ( Autoritatea Nationala de Supraveghere a Prelucrarii Datelor cu Caracter Personal ) with reference at the aspects regarding the processing of personal data by our society.

The decisive automated process, including the profile creation and the right to request that the decisions based on the automatic processing of data or that affect significantly to be made by individuals and not by computers.

Personal data is collected and processed by an automatic decisive process with the purpose of the customization of information and commercial communications addresed to you. The automated deicisive process that implies the health data and is based on your consent.

Within these processes your data is protected by special safety measures based on advanced server security of the data base.

You have the right to request a change in the way your personal data is automatically processed, by requesting the checking of the automated process with human intervention. For this purpose we kindly ask you to contact us at the e-mail

Exercise of rights
In order for the user to be able to exercise his rights mentioned above, in order for him to ask us anything about these rights or to request clarifications about whichever requirements of these information, we kindly ask you to contact us at anytime, using the contact datas available.

How can you submit requests or complaints – contact person
In order to find out more information regarding the personal data, about the way the data is collected, processed and protected or to ask for clarifications about these Terms and Conditions.

Any user can contact at any time the individual that is responsible with personal data protection at our company, by e-mail at

Major force
Neither one of the parts will be made responsible for not respecting the contractual obligation, if it is due because of a major force event. The major force event is unpredictable, besides the parts that could be controled and the events that cannot be forseen.

The applicable law
The contract is directly subjected to the romanian law. The possible litigations that might appear between EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL and its users/clients/buyers will be solved amicably or, when it is not possible, the litigations will be solved by the romanian court of law.