The Seller is obliged to ship The Supplies and The Services door-to-door to The Customer.

The Seller does not take any resposibility for the risks associated to The Supplies and The Services provided, once they are given to the shipping company that The Seller works with or to The Customers associates.

The Seller will take on full responsibility in case that the subcontractors and/or his partners are involved in any kind in the execution of The Order and they do not fulfill the contractual obligations.

The Seller does not take responsibility for The Supplies descriptions presented on the website.

The images are presented on the websited as example and the delivered products can be different from the one available on the website, because of the modification in the design and characteristics without any notice.

The Seller has the right to complete and modify any information on the website without any notice.

The Seller does not guarantee the availability of the shown products, hence he has the rights not to ship a certain order partially or fully when some products do not appear as available.

In the case when the prices or other details about the products were displayed wrong, because they were wrongly introduced in the data base, The Seller has the right to cancel the shipment and to announce the customer in the shortest period of time about the error, if the delivery has not been completed yet.

The Seller does not take responsibility for the inconveniences in the case that the website does not work properly or for the impossibility of accessing the links available on the website.

In the case of not delivering the product or in case of an improper shipment The Sellers total value of obligation is the total amount of money received from The Customer.

The products shipment
The shipment is not free and it is done through courier.
Our products are sold based on an order, which makes the production and shipment time to last up until 14 working days starting with the day the order was processed.

The orders are processed as soon as possible after the order was placed, from Monday to Friday 09:00 am – 05:00 pm.
In case the order is not placed during the working schedule or they are placed during the weekend, they will be processed the next working day. During the holidays the shipping can take longer.

If the package cannot be delivered ( the recipient does not answer, the specified address is wrong and so on…), you will be contacted by the courier. If you are unreachabel, the packages remain at the courier for 7 days and after they return to the sender.

We are not responsible for the delayed shippings, loss of package, the damage of package, wrong shipping by courier of a package or of a part of the package in the next circumstances:

– roadblocks ( falling trees, rocks, wrecks, landslides );
– bridge falls, blocked mountain tunnels, the derailment of trains close to the road, natural blocks, unauthorised strikes, unpredicted riots, bad weather conditions
– natural causes: earthquake, cataclysms, devastating storms, tornadoes, wildfires, flods, river spills and so on…
– human causes: state of war, curfew, forced nationalisation, uprisings and so on…
– failure to comply with the orders by supplier and by the associates

The Acceptance
The acceptance will be done when The Products meet the technical terms specified in the order. In the case when The Customer sees that the ordered Products do not meet the specified terms, The Seller must bring The Products compliance. Also, for the products sold and shipped by EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL, The Customer benefits of a 14 day return right.

The transfer of property
The property over Products will be given upon shipment, after the payment is done at the specified address ( the shipment meaning – after signing the document from courier or if the prodcuts are delivered by EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL, after signing the invoice ).

When the package is delivered VIA courier, the option of openning the package upon arrival is permitted only after signing and paying the value.