1. Definition
General terms and conditions mentioned below will apply to all the customers of EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL and its partners, through the virtual store www.eurodezmemrbari.ro to the Customer and can be modified at any time by EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL without any notice.

The following terms are used accordingly:
Customer – legal person or another legal entity that issues a Command
Supplies – any product, including documents and the services mentioned in “Order”, that will be provided by Seller to Customer
Order – an electronic document that comes as a form of communication between Seller and Customer, through which the Seller agrees to deliver the Supplies and the Customer is willing to receive and pay the Supplies.
Contract – an Order confirmed by the Seller
Intelectual property rights – all the intangible rights such as know-how, copyrights, database rights, design rights, pattern rights, patents, registered brands and storages of domains for any of the rights mentioned above.
Site – the www.eurodezmembrari.ro domain and it’s branches

2. Contractual documents
By sending an electronic order on www.eurodezmembrari.ro, the Customer agrees to communicate by ( e-mail, mobile phone ) the means that the Seller is coordinating his operations. The order will contain the following documents: The Order ( including the needed information for delivery and for invoice ) and it’s conditions.

Terms & conditions
If the Seller confirms The Order, it implies that he accepts The Orders terms. The Order is considered confirmed when The Customer receives an electronic confirmation ( e-mail ) sent by The Seller ( no confirmation being needed from The Customer ). The Seller does not consider an incomplete order as having the value of a Contract. The confirmation of an Order is done by e-mail. The products prices from The Order are available for 3 working days since it was registered. The Contract will have as foundation the general terms and conditions.

3. The Sellers obligations
The Seller will use his professional and technical knowledge in order to fulfill The Order and will also deliver The Supplies that reach the needs and specifications of the Customer, noted in The Order. The information shown on The Sellers site are strictly informal and can be modified at any time by The Seller, without any notice. The Supplies descriptions could be incomplete, but The Seller does his best to present the most relevant information so the product can be used for the means it was purchased for.

4.Industrial and intelectual property rights
The User/The Customer udnerstands the right of intelectual property and will not disclose nor make public none of the information received from The Seller to a third-party. All the drawings, the graphics and desing elements that appear on the site, the sites name and it’s graphic designs are registered brands in the property of EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL, and can not be taken, copied nor used, without the owners written approval.

All the content elements such as descriptions, drawings, graphics elements and design that appear on the site, including, but not limiting itself to logos, styled represantasions, commercial symbols, static immages, dynamic immages, text and/or multimedia content presented on the website are strictly the property of EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL, all the obtained rights being reserved directly or indirectly through publicity licenses and/or user licenses.

The User/The Customer is not permitted to copy, share, make public, transfer to a third-party, the modification and/or the alteration, the use, the binding, the exposure, of any element presented above in other context that the only originally intented by EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL, including any content element outside of the website. The removal of markings that are reserved by copyright to EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL from the content elements and also the participation to transfer, selling, or distribution of content realised by copying, modifying or showing the content elements is permitted only by a written approval from EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL.

5. Website content rights
The whole content of the site and its graphics elements, respectively all the content in text format and also the technical sources of all the services and facilities present now or in the future – excepting the case when there is mentioned another owner – not only the sources of pages but of other materials as well, that is transmitted by The User ( by directly scrolling on the website, or by newsletter and so on… ) they belong to EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL. The content of the site, no matter of the place it can be found and no matter the kind, it can be used only for
personal purposes. Any use of content by third-parties for other purposes than personal ones, can be done only by written approval from EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL. Hense, it is not permitted the copy, the fetching, the replication, the publication, the transmission, the selling, the partial sharing, the integral sharing or the modified sharing of the sites content or anyother part of it done in other purposes than personal, with some exceptions:

– (i) the replication is permitted ( on noncommercial sites, forums, press articles etc.) of some small fragments from the published articles ( maximum 400 characters ), only when the source of the information is specified, by a link, like this: ( Source: site name – link to the sites content ).
– (ii) the links to the site www.eurodezmembrari.ro are permitted and the specification of every informations source will be done after every link or at the end of the article, as following: “Information provided by EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL” – link to the sites content.

The users oblige themselves to respect all the copyrights and all the related ones and anyother type of intelectual property rights that the owner of the site and his partners have over www.eurodezmembrari.ro.

EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL reserves the right to call in court any person and/or entity that violates in any ways the stipulations mentioned above. The requests for using the sites content in anyother way than personal can be submitted by e-mail at contact@eurodezmembrari.ro, with the specification “To the attention of the agency”.

Any person that shares or makes public information to EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL needs to make sure that they do not violate the copyrights that the third-person could summon regarding the information or the content that were sent by any means to EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL and any person or entity that send in any way information or content understand and accept that the violation in any way of the obligations can and will not make the entity EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL.

EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL can maintain at any time campaigns for publicity and/or promotion campaigns in any section of the site, without any warning to the users of the site. The dimensions and the place of the campaigns do not require the approval of the users and can be changed without any notice.

EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL does not take on any responsibility damage or loss resultated from the publicity campaigns organized on the website, other than the ones held strictly on the site.

6. The sites owner liability limitation
EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL does not assume the obligation and it does not guarantee for the sites content, exclusively for the content given by its partners or the site users. All this being said, EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL will try its best to assure the accuracy and the professional manner in which the information is provided on the website, to acquire and maintain the trust of the users for our website. In this way, EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL will try to correct in the shortest amount of time the signaled errors.

The sites owner does not offer any kind of warranty for the content of it and can not be held responsible for any loss or prejudice that might come out of using any part/sequence/page on the website or from the impossibility of using it, regardless the cause of it or from the wrongly interpretation of either one of the stipulations of the sites content.

The information provided through the site are offered in good faith, from trustworthy sources. In case that one of the published articles or any other information repels the copyright law, we kindly ask the users to contact us at this e-mail address contact@eurodezmembrari.ro, in order to make the necessary changes.

The users must know that the given information may contain some inaccurate data ( such as: technical data or typing errors). The sites owner will make all the needed arrangements to rectify the errors in the shortest time.

The users understand and also accept the fact that EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL do not guarantee:
-that the information available on the site are complete
-that the information entered by the sites users are real, correct and that we do not take responsability for the way that the visitors use them
-that the information or the services available on the website will completely fulfill the requirements of the users, and for the innapropriate use of them, the users take on full responsability
-for the results obtained by the users after using the available information and services through our website
-the users will take full responsibility for the use of information and services that our website provides
-that the available services through our website will function continuously, uninterrupted and without errors
-regarding this aspect, EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL does not take responsibility for the eventual damages that the users might face because of the temporarly downtime or any malfunction of the site and also for the information used by accessing any links that appear on the website (the use of links rests strictly on the users choice).

The users also understand and accept the fact that EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL is not responsible for eventual inconveniences, errors or omissions within the information provided on site by the users.

The users understand and accept that EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL does not take any responsibility for advertised messages. The users also agree to exonerate EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL for any judicial or extrajudicial action, that follow an incorrect or deceptive use of our website.

For special cases, EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL and/or the operators, the directors, the employees, the subsidiaries, the branches and their representatives, are totally relieved from any liabilities. The special cases includ, but do not limit to, errors at the levels of use of technical equipment of EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL, any malfunction regarding the internet connections, the mobile connections, computer viruses, unauthorized access in the sites systems, operating errors and so on…

The users agree to protect and to assure EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL and/or the operators, directors, employees, the subsidiaries, the branches and their representatives and against all the requests, claims, actions, losses, damages, costs ( including, without any limitation, the lawyers fees ), expenses, decisions, fines, settlements or other obligations resulted or bonded to any other users action regarding the websites use or of the services offered through it.

EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL does not offer any warranty, to what regards the functionality of the website www.eurodezmembrari.ro, the information, the content, the materials or the products available on the site and their use for a specific purpose.

7. The terms and conditions amendment
EURO DEZMEMBRARI SRL has the right to modify at any time and in any way each of the stipulations contained in Terms and Conditions entirely, without any notice and without being obliged to fulfill any formalities for the users.

Any change is entirely accepted by the users of the site by the simple use of it, by accessing it or by using any amenities offered by it, intervened at anytime after the change. Denying to accept any modification makes the use of the website impossible for the user and also the use of any services provided through it.